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GAIA EHS brings 40+ years of Environmental, Health safety experience to our clients, with superior results in our training and compliance recommendations.

GAIA has worked with numerous organizations over time such as;  nuclear industry power, military,  oil & gas, construction, electrical, manufacturing, transportation, utilities and solar industries.

Furthermore, GAIA’s foundation has been established on  higher expectations and principled standards of safety.

Therefore, our team seeks to raise awareness and bring a greater understanding of our individual and collective responsibility to the Environment and the populations we impact.


GAIA is focused on understanding our customer’s business and operation in order to create and develop the most advanced safety management systems complimentary to OSHA’s standards.

Our programs undoubtedly deliver measurable results and exceed customer expectations.  Overall, our team of professionals will integrate our customer’s operation to drive excellence in safety and establish long term Partnerships.


GAIA-EHS uses precision in knowledge of current trends to meet our client’s organizational needs.

GAIA EHS uses BEST practices in consultations and recommendations for chemical safety, environmental solutions, employee safety and workplace hazards prevention, chemical testing and soil testing, and Consulting in various areas that are customized to specific customer related industries and needs.

We also provide training in quality management, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2008, internal auditing, gap analysis, safety management, fire safety, ergonomics, hazmat, fit-testing and hearing conservation.

GAIA EHS is an OSHA authorized outreach provider for the OSHA 10-Hour and 30-Hour online training Course with completion cards and GAIA EHS certificate upon completion of course.


GAIA has effective Environmental Health and Safety Programs which follow the most advanced approaches to learning. 

 Subsequently, we provide innovative approaches and Best practices that generate measurable results by the  following methods:

  1. Reducing total recordable Incident rates (TRIR) 
  2. Lowering the experience modification rate (EMR) 
  3. And allowing customers to focus on increased  production and competitors.          
  4. And overall providing a return on Investment (ROI). 

Lastly, GAIA assist our clients by reduction of their carbon footprint and identify environmental hazards in your business operations that may have a subsequent impact on air, water and soil  contamination.


GAIA has developed services that measure and improve our client’s hazardous waste  disposal, storage and reporting needs.  

Our environmental services and auditing process allows external audits which allow employers to resolve internal challenges with foresight and strategy.  Further, we provide the current ISO Standards & Safety Management Systems that are complimentary to our clients’ needs. 

Overall our goal at GAIA Environmental and Health & Safety is to prevent fines, lower worker’s compensation claims and insurance premiums, and to implement factors for driving the success of our Clients.


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